Immortelle farm

About us

Natura Consulting Ltd Company is registered for farming, processing and distributing medical and aromatic herbs.

Where are we

In the municipality of Omišalj on the island of Krk (near the airport), on a farmland of 80,000m2 we farm 360,000 immortelle plants (Latin Helichrysum italicum) in an ecologically responsible way. As ecological farmers we have an environment-friendly farming certifi cate. Next to the farm we have our own distillery where we thermally process the green immortelle mass (with water steam) and thus obtain essential oils and hydrolate (fl oral water). Our products (immortelle essential oil and hydrolate) have been included in the list of island products of Krk for which we were also given a Croatian Island Product label.

Use, picking and distillation

Immortelle is used in perfume, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry: it has been known since the Greeks and reached its peak in modern times when it’s been recognized for its anti-age effect (immortelle oil wipes face wrinkles away). Immortelle is picked twice a year in July and November and should be distilled within 24 hours. It’s picked solely during the warmest part of the day when both the stem and the fl ower are full of substance (oil) with which immortelle protects itself from warmth and drought. Some 600 kg of the immortelle green mass is needed to produce one litre of immortelle essential oil.

Immortelle farm as a new tourist attraction

Visit our immortelle farm on 8 acres with the distillery and supporting services and get acquainted with a method of immortelle cultivation, distillation and use in perfume, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. In the end, enjoy the view from the top of the farm and have a look around the location of a historical battle from 49 BC which for the first time in history mentions a term barrel.

Historical importance of the location

An interesting fact: from the top of the farm a view reaches the channel between the mainland and the island of Krk where a historical battle between Caesar and Pompey unfolded. Defeated Caesar’s soldiers isolated on Bejavec peninsula built a raft out of barrels in order to reach the mainland. Liburnians are believed to have given them barrels as they had found them friendly. Lucan’s epic poem Pharsalia in 49 BC mentions this historic event for the fi rst time in the world and talks about barrels as packaging material.

In the summer months our doors are open every day from 10:00 to 19:00 and the announcement is required on mob: 00385 91 510 15 90. Group visits can also be arranged in other terms.

Entrance fee is 30 kn and entrance is free for children younger than 8 years.

Presentation is possible in Croatian and English.


Mob: 00385 91 510 15 90

Environment-friendly immortelle farming on the island of Krk!