Krk Food Fest Lamb and Cheese Days

Krk Food Fest in its second spring edition, from May 5th to May 28th, presents Krk Food Fest: Lamb and Cheese Days!

Krk’s restaurants, thirty of them all across the island, invite all lovers of island lamb to join them and enjoy this unique delicacy prepared in a variety of ways. On our promo plates you’ll find such dishes as baked lamb with potatoes, grilled lamb, barbecued on charcoal, or, if you prefer to eat with a spoon – lamb stew or lambs livers "alla veneziana", and many more different ways of preparation with homemade bread, dumplings, polenta or Krk’s famous šurlice.

Allow your meals and family dinners to become a real gourmet experience! Our island’s gastronomy embodies all the traditional values associated with new trends, such as respect for culture and tradition, healthy lifestyle, authenticity, sustainability and experience.

There are numerous gastronomic reasons for visiting the island of Krk. The "from the field to table" motif is accompanied by the well-known Krk’s cheese, produced on family farms. This cheese is prepared from the milk collected from Krk’s sheep, and thanks to the region, the recipe and the way of preparation, it has a truly special taste. In it, you will experience all the richness of taste and scent of medicinal herbs that are covering Krk Island. Do not miss out on the addition of Krk’s olive oil, which is one of the best Mediterranean oils.

And in the end, no matter if you had lamb, cheese, prosciutto, fish or some other island’s speciality; do not forget to take a sip or more of the authentic, top-quality žlahtina, Krk’s famous wine!

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