Krk Food Fest: Taste of Autumn

Krk Food Fest: Tastes of Autumn takes place from 20 September to 20 October 2019, on the island of Krk, in 14 local restaurants. The island of Krk has trails of ancient times and rich mediaeval history. Wonderful nature and the sea embrace its rich archaeological and cultural heritage but there are a number of gastronomic reasons for a visit. Besides for Kvarner scampi, mussels, molluscs and fish, Krk is known for its lamb coming from sheep grazing salty aromatic grass, vine and wine sort Žlahtina, Krk prosciutto, pasta “šurlice” prepared by local housewives using a knitting needle, wild herbs, ecologically grown fruit and vegetables and olive oil from local olive groves.

If you find yourself on the island during the autumn months, you will have a chance to taste the ingredients that are offering their best in that season and that inspired the creativity of Krk restaurant owners- squid, porcini mushrooms, olives, grapes, figs, chestnuts, pumpkins, pears and apples ae prepared in sweet and savoury variations. 

Prosciutto, fig and walnut pate, breaded olives, carrot and orange soup, garlic soup, “šurlice” with forest mushrooms and pancetta, bruschetta with porcini mushrooms, octopus salad with figs and tomatoes, octopus in olive sauce, monkfish in žlahtina wine, porcini risotto, duck breast with broad beans and blueberry sauce, pork medallions in cream of pumpkin and sage, venison sirloin steak in cocoa crust with sautéed pumpkin, pumpkin gnocchi, shortbread cake with almonds and fruit, pumpkin pancakes with honey and walnuts, pears in red wine - these are just some of 100 specialties scattered in Krk restaurants Rivica, NJIVICE; Bracera, Mulino and Noštromo, MALINSKA; Kuća krčkog pršuta, VRH; Marina and Volsonis, KRK; Bocoon and Marina - 9 bofora, PUNAT; Slamni, KLIMNO; Vinotel Gospoja, VRBNIK; Bag, Forza and Portić, BAŠKA.

Krk Food Fest event taking place from 10 April to 31 May as Tastes of Spring and from 20 September to 20 October 2019 as Tastes of Autumn is organized by The Tourist Board of the Island of Krk and all local boards in cooperation with Abisal and Gastronauts.

This is what is offered in Krk restaurants during Krk Food Fest- Tastes of Autumn...

In Njivice, Restaurant Rivica offers about ten delicacies with squid and “raw sea passions”.  

In Malinska, in Restaurant Noštromo you will be able to taste carrot and orange soup, cream of pumpkin soup, homemade pasta with cream of pumpkin or with beef and mushrooms, squid risotto, local fish stew called “brudet” with polenta, sirloin steak in truffle sauce, rump steak with mushrooms, Adriatic squid, salads with autumn vegetables and fruit, chestnut puree and almond cake. In Restaurant Mulino, hotel Malin,  they prepare about 15 autumn specialties among which salad with grapes and caramelized pears, squid salad with mushrooms, tagliatelle with truffle (“tartufatta”) and olive sauce, mushroom stew with polenta, homemade dumplings with plums… Bracera participates with dishes prepared under the bell with fresh fish coming from their own fishing boat. Thee tatstes of autumn are represented by “makaruni” pasta with cuttlefish, “brodet” made with octopus and squid served with polenta and sheep curd cake with figs. 

In Kuća krčkog pršuta you can buy local cured meat products and enjoy prosciutto, fig and walnut pate, bread made with prosciutto, minestrone with prosciutto and autumn Krk vegetables and also “šurlice” with Krk prosciutto and mushrooms or homemade tomato sauce. 

Restaurant Marina in the city of Krk offers the following tastes of autumn: pumpkin soup, “šurlice” with forest mushrooms and pancetta and duck breast with broad bean puree and blueberry sauce. In Volsonis we can expect many delicacies made with tomatoes from their own garden and vension stew with “šurlice” pasta. 

In Vrbnik, Restaurant Vinotel Gospoja offers tartar made of Kvarner scampi and pumpkin emulsion, homemade pasta with white truffle, “smokvenjak” (local fig product), venison steak  in cocoa crust with sautéed pumpkin and pumpkin pudding. 

In Punat, in Restaurant Bocoon there are breaded olives, cream of pumpkin soup, octopus in olive sauce, tuna in sesame seeds, pork fillet with apple, sirloin steak in mushroom sauce and chestnut cake. In Restaurant Marina - 9 bofora there are also many autumn delicacies.

In Baška, Heritage Hotel Forza offers about ten autumn dishes, such as cream of pumpkin soup, bruschettas with porcini mushrooms, “šurlice” with porcini mushrooms and pancetta, porcini risotto, pork chop, rump steak in porcini sauce, pumpkin gnocchi, pork medallions in creamy pumpkin and sage sauce, pumpkin pancakes with honey and walnuts, hazelnut semifreddo with chestnuts and chocolate, vanilla ice-cream with pumpkin oil and seeds and pears in red wine. In Bag there are garlic soup, grilled mushrooms, octopus patties, octopus “sailor’s” style, tentacles of Lopar octopus, autumn risottos and fish fillet in žlahtina sauce. In Portić they prepare roasted red peppers with garlic, mussels with žlahtina wine “buzzara” style, squid stuffed with scampi and pizza with porcini mushrooms.    

In Klimno, in Restaurant Slamni you can taste olive brandy, octopus salad with figs and tomatoes, minestrone with baby corn, lamb in pumpkin sauce and shortbread cake with almonds and fruit.

There are many reasons for your visit to Krk to taste the mentioned specialties and since there are more than a hundred, we suggest you check the pages offering accommodation

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